Giving Babies the Very Best: Why Many Richmond Mothers Choose to Breastfeed

When Chelsea Pinacate, a Richmond mother of one, was preparing for the birth of her baby, she and her husband set some time apart to take a class on breastfeeding.

“We learned a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding in that class and decided it was something we definitely wanted to do,” she said.

The city of Richmond offers many resources and classes like this for new mothers who are breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding.

A Woman’s Place Lactation Center and Boutique, located at Bon Secour Hospital, hosts classes similar to the one the Pinacates took. The center is completely dedicated to supporting new mothers who breastfeed. They offer breastfeeding classes and support groups, address latch difficulties, and even host a breastfeeding answer line.

According to the center’s website, “Breastfeeding isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it’s a health practice that’s been shown to protect babies against ear infection, lower the mother’s risk of breast cancer, and help mom’s lose pregnancy weight.”

These healthy benefits play a large role in explaining why many mothers choose to breastfeed.

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